Dustin D. Trammell

dtrammell (at) dustintrammell (dot) com



I am an Information Security Research Scientist turned Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist, previously performing research within the fields of vulnerability research and exploitation, network protocols, steganography and covert communications, and Internet telephony (VoIP). Since focusing on entreprenuership and venture capital, I've focused my attention to the realms of information security, finance and alternative curreny, gamification, events production, bodyhacking, and real-estate. You can peruse my namesake company's extensive portfolio at http://Trammell.Ventures/

My resume paints a fairly complete picture of my involvement in the Information Security industry and community, you can find my social and industry commentary via the blog links, the speaking link details my past and upcoming speaking engagements, and the projects link will show you some of the projects I've been involved in.

I am also a hobbyist game designer and artist. My games can be found via the GameDev link, and you can see some of my artwork if you follow the Art link.

Saturday October 31, 2020