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Security for Receptionists (A Question A Day)

Receptionists (used in a broader sense than what you're probably used to) are one of a business' first lines of defense against security breaches. Often, receptionists or the reception area are the targets of social engineering attempts and physical facilities penetration attempts.

My intention with this project is to collect 365 or more comprehensive security related questions appropriate for interviewing applicants for a receptionist position, such as a literal receptionist, security guard, or shipping and receiving personell, or simply used to keep your current receptionist staff sharp by presenting them with a "question-a-day" describing a security situation or dilemma that they can relate to.

Question submissions from the community are welcome! If you have a question or delimma that you feel would be good for this archive, please send it and it's answer, along with any other supporting information you may have (pesonal stories, examples, etc.) to dtrammell (at) dustintrammell (dot) com.

The Questions

Random Question Feature Coming Soon!

Question 001: What do you do when a pizza delivery guy arrives to deliver a pizza to someone inside the company?
Question 002: What do you do if you need to leave the reception area but there are people waiting in the reception area?
Question 003: What do you do if someone calls you on the phone and requests that you assist them in making a telephone call?
Question 004: What should you do if you find abandoned or lost media such as floppy disks, CD-ROMs, or USB Flash Drives in or around the reception area or outside of the building?
Question 005: What should you do if a deliveryperson arrives to restock vending machines or deliver additional water bottles for the water cooler?

Saturday October 31, 2020