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A Grand Endeavor

It is the height of the Era of the Druids. The High Druid has called together all of the wisest, strongest, and politically powerful Druidic factions to embark on a grand endeavor; the construction of Stonehenge. While all of the factions must work together to achieve the common goal, only the faction that builds the fastest, demonstrates the finest craftsmanship, and is entrusted with construction of the most prominent features of the monument will likely be remembered through the ages. You represent one of these factions, and it is your goal to ensure that your faction's efforts stand out among the rest.

A Grand Endeavor is a 3 to 4 player rule set for Stonehenge: An Anthology Board Game™ and is published by Paizo Publishing in a German language promotional rule set collection entitled Bonusspiele #1, distributed at 2007's Essen Game Fair, SPIEL '07. The English language version is published via Paizo Publishing's Stonehenge Library.

Contributions: Complete original game design.


Currently under development and play-testing.

BattleBag™ is a multiplayer trading-tile game based on an elemental superiority wheel.

Contributions: Complete original game design.

Galstaad's Goblin Troubles

Galstaad's Goblin Troubles is a Neverwinter Nights game module.

Contributions: Original plot and mechanics design within the Neverwinter Nights framework. Developed using the NWN Developers Toolset. Some key features include scripted treasure chests which accumulate additional items and coin over time (up to a maximum limit), creatures and enemies spawned from hidden spawn points to keep areas populated, and NPCs with large coversation scripts.

Rotation Poker™

Rotation Poker™ is a variant of Draw Poker where players draw from three face up piles in the center of the table and discarded cards are passed in rotation from player to player as an alternative source from which to draw new cards.

Contributions: Complete original game design from a dream.


Thr33s™ is a progressive wagering dice game that is played by one Shooter against the House and wagered on by the Shooter and/or any number of Observers.

Contributions: Complete original game design.

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